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Selection of Product

Q.1. How do I select the right Product for my application?

A.1. You can navigate through the “Products” pages quite easily. Select broad product category first eg Meteorological Systems, Air Pollution Systems, Hydrological Systems, Oceanographic SystemsIndustrial SystemsMarine SystemsDefence Systems. A list of products available in each category is displayed.


Q.2. How do I Know if the chosen product is suitable for my application?

A.2. Read details of selected product. Click on Data sheet to see Specifications. If still in doubt, contact Microcomm for help.


Q.3. Can I get specific application support from Microcomm?

A.3. Yes, please see ” Application Support” area for details.


Q.4. Can I get an exact quote from Microcomm on the net?

A.4. Yes, Select the model number of the products & ask for a specific quote from Microcomm.


Q.5. In case I want to ensure that my choice is technically correct, can I verify it?

A.5. Yes, please send your end-use and the choice of products you have made. Microcomm Application Engineers would be glad to verify it for you.

Placement of Order and Follow Up

Q.1. How do I place my order ?

A.1. You can e-mail your Order direct to us or submit your Order to our Agent, in case your enquiry is being followed up by our local agent in your region.


Q.2. Do you accept Orders by Post?

A.2. Yes, you can post your orders direct to our UK H.O. in case you are located in Europe, Asia, Africa or Australasia. Alternatively, you can post your orders to our US H.O in case you are located in North or South America or West Indies.


Q.3. Can I fax my order?

A.3. Yes, you can fax your Order to us. Our Fax Numbers are given on our Website.


Q.4. What payment terms do you accept?

A.4. We accept advance payment for Orders less than USD 1000. This payment can be made by Credit Card on our website by going to “Store” and following the links for making the payment for orders placed earlier. For order more than USD 1000 in value, We accept “irrevocable Letter of Credit” in our favor to be negotiated by any bank in U.K or USA, depending on your region. In case of “Letter of Credit” mode of payment, Bank charges are also applicable.


Q.5. Can I pay direct to your Bank Account?

A.5. Yes, you can remit the payment direct to you account through your bank. Details of money transfer can be e-mailed to us facilitate despatch of goods.


Q.6. When do I have to pay?

A.6. ou have to remit the payment according to the payment terms negotiated in your Order.


Q.7. How can I follow-up my Order?

A.7. You have an Order Acknowledgment sent to you after we receive and accept your Order. You can enquire status of your Order by quoting your Order Acknowledgment on your correspondence.


Q.8. Can I talk to someone about my Order?

A.8. Yes, you can call up our Sales department & enquire status of your Order.

After Sales Service & Support

Q.1. What are the Warranty terms offered with your Systems?

A.1. All Microcomm products are covered by a “Return-To-Base” Warranty for One Year from the date of installation or 18 months from the date of despatch, whichever is earlier.


Q.2. Is “On-Site” service available for your products?

A.2. Yes, Microcomm offers “On-Site” service for high-value & larger products like Networked Data Acquisition Systems or in special cases for other products where “On Site” service terms have been negotiated in the Order terms.


Q.3. Who would provide “After-Sales-Service” to me?

A.3. For simple faults, your local Agent, if any would provide service support. In case your agent cannot solve your problems, then it has to be referred to the H.O.


Q.4. Do you have Regional Service Centers?

A.4. Yes, Microcomm Group has a Regional Support Center in India, which caters to all Clients in Asia and Australasia. This center is fully equipped to service all Microcomm Products.


Q.5. What is the level of support offered by Regional Support Centers?

A.5. Regional Support Centers are fully equipped Service Centers, which can service all Microcomm products upto component level if need be. All spares and consumables are stored at these Regional Support Centers.


Q.6. How can I buy Spares & Consumables ?

A.6. You can buy spares & consumables for all Microcomm products either from your nearest Regional Support Center or from the Head Office.


Q.7. How long are the Microcomm products supported?

A.7. Microcomm would support its products through out the life cycle of the product. In all cases, full support is assured for a minimum 15 years or more.


Q.8. What happens if Microcomm changes the model & ceases production of any current model?

A.8. Microcomm would give a prior warning to its clients whenever a model would go out of production. This warning would be posted on our website. Clients would be advised to buy lifetime spares if such a situation arises.


Q.9. What are the terms of your RTB Warranty?

A.9. The clients would be responsible for sending the system back to the nearest Microcomm Service Center. Microcomm would then be responsible for sending the system back to the client after rectification. All parts and labor charges are covered in the Warranty.

Microcomm Application Engineers are always there to assist you, if you have a particular application and want to know the optimum solution and which products/systems would meet your requirements in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

The Application Support can be provided in the following ways:

  1. You can email your application / use and the end-results required to us. We would study your application & end-use and configure a system to meet your full requirements. This would be e-mailed to you with full details, including model numbers suggested
  2. You can fax your application direct to our UK Office for customers in Europe, Africa, Asia & Australasia to our US Office for customers in North & South America. Microcomm would again study your application and configure the system best suited to your needs & this would be faxed back to you.
Important: Most probably, Microcomm can configure your system from the vast range of models and options in its product programm. However, if it is found that your application requires a custom-built hardware or software to fulfill the client’s requirement, Microcomm Design Engineers would always be willing to take on such tasks so that our clients get exactly what they need. This service provided by Microcomm is unique and one which our competitors finds it hard to match.

Then again, Microcomm clients deserve this service because Microcomm clients are special !


On-Site Installation for any system, if desired, would be undertaken by well-trained & well-equipped team of Microcomm Engineers. In case you would like to avail of this service, please ensure that On-Site Installation is included in the Purchase Order. Details of Costs of On-Site installation can be obtained from Microcomm.

Installation can also be carried out by the Clients themselves. To assist the clients, complete Installation Manuals are available from Microcomm and should be ordered with the equipment.

Installation kit is supplied with each System wherever required. Installation kit includes all installation materials and special tools required for the purpose.


Equipment training is provided by Microcomm against specific requests from clients. Training courses are organized for officers of the User Department of the client. Training would normally comprise of an initial course followed by a further training course On-Site or Ex-works by Microcomm engineers. The initial training courses focus primarily on the installation and operation of the system. After the initial training course, further training courses would normally be modified to suit specific requirements.

Course Prerequisites: It is essential that the trainees have a reasonable technical knowledge and a high degree of computer literacy. Although not essential, experience of Programming in a high level language would be beneficial.

Provisional Course Syllabus: All training courses are structured to cater for the different skills of the attendees. It is recognized that the client would decide the number of personnel who will be trained and concerned primarily with installation, operation and hardware maintenance aspects, and the number to be trained in the management and software maintenance aspect of the systems. Elements of the training course are common to both groups of trainees and that training will be jointly conducted. The groups will split under different instructor for the training unique to their group. Provisional Training Syllabus are available for every system.